Dr Dan Keown

Treatment from Dr Keown 

Dr Daniel Keown is one of the worlds premium experts on acupuncture and health. He has written a best selling book on acupuncture - The Spark in the Machine - and is just about to publish his second book - The Uncharted Body: A New Textbook of Medicine.

Dr Keown's philosophy on health is that the body wants to be well but sometimes needs help doing this. The best form of medicine is gentle and works with the body. His experience of medicine spans over 20 years working as a doctor and 10 years as an acupuncturist

He practices in London and Tunbridge Wells.

Study acupuncture at SSOMA

The School of Scientific Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture (SSOMA) is dedicated to elevating the practice and teaching of acupuncture to the highest level. The school is the work of Dr Daniel Keown who realised that current teaching of acupuncture was inadequate.

Drawing on his unparalleled expertise in understanding acupuncture theory and his over 20 years in clinical medicine and 10 years as an acupuncturist, Dr Keown explains the concepts behind acupuncture with 15 easy to follow videos which can be watched at home. Further study can take place in the clinic where channel palpation and clinical cases are discussed.

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Ghostflower Fashion


Ghostflower is an innovative clothing line that blends the highest quality fabrics and stylish designs with something truly innovative - pressure points and acupuncture channels.

Dr Keown is the Chief Scientist for Ghostflower and advises them on the accurate use of acupuncture points and channel location.

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Books on Medicine and Acupuncture


Dr Keown is author of two books - The Spark in the Machine - and the soon to be published The Uncharted Body: A New Textbook of Medicine.