Easy to follow online lectures designed

especially for the course

Learning acupuncture just got a whole lot easier with the new, revolutionary, acupuncture course from Dr Daniel Keown - the author of 'The Spark In The Machine'.

The course is laid out over levels that build your knowledge gently guiding you into a new way of medicine.





Revolutionary new 

vision of the body.

The SSOMA course takes classical Chinese medicine and brings it up to date with anatomy and physiology. No-where else in the world creates such a synergy of East and West. The course is beautifully illustrated with unique pieces blending ancient wisdom with modern knowledge. 

This course is based on Dr Keown's bestselling book on acupuncture 'The Spark In The Machine'

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Try the first lectures for free

We're so confident that you're going to find learning Chinese medicine and acupuncture easy that we've got the first level of lectures online free.

These teach the two most important aspects of understanding Chinese medicine - Qi and Channels.

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Simplified reading list

We know you're busy and have a life to live. That's why the course requires no reading outside of our videos. If you are keen to learn further, though, we provide a simple reading list of the best books to extend your understanding.