Practical Sessions that

Turn You Into A

Successful Acupuncturist

Clinic time is used exclusively for hands on practical teaching. This can only be done because of the SSOMA online course that takes the theory of acupuncture out of the classroom and into your living room.

The clinic is a working clinic so it is important that students are professional and smart. To get the most out of clinic time then make sure you have watched the online levels and practiced the practical skills whilst away.

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The student clinic runs on Fridays in Rusthall near Tunbridge Wells.

If you would like to be a patient then treatment costs £20. This will involve a consultation with Dr Daniel Keown and then treatment by either Dr Keown or the students.

Treatment will always be overseen by Dr Dan Keown and only performed by registered medical doctors.

If you would like to be a patient then please contact on form below:

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