Bloody Hell!

My son wen of to Lazerquest with his mates today, aged 8 I think that counts as the Ace of Spades of days out. We were watching England vs South Africa in the World Cup Final and I accidentally remarked ‘Bloody Hell’ as England fouled a throw. South Africa were awesome - Bravo!
One of the little twerps picked up on my swearing and I felt necessitated to defend myself. ‘'Bloody’ I explained was a description as was ‘hell’ a place, so how could the two together be a swear word?!
I think it worked. Anyway, Englands performance did demand a little swearing but they gave their all.

Thinking of Africa, here is a little video of how malaria invades blood. Incredibly devious parasite, it hides inside red cells where it replicates before getting sticky

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