Level 1 of the Foundation Course is about teaching the two central pillars of acupuncture theory:  

Qi (pronounced Chi) and the acupuncture channels.

The lectures, whilst appearing deceptively simple, completely revolutionise our understanding of Qi and acupuncture channels: bringing acupuncture and Chinese medicine into the scientific era.

Qi and Channels Explained in Under Two Minutes!

This video is a super-brief introduction to how we can understand these two critical concepts:

for further information please see videos below.


Part 1: Understanding Qi

Qi is the organising force of the body, the energy that takes a single cell and guides it's development into the wonderful multi-trillion creatures we all are.

In this lecture Dr Keown explores the origins of this concept in Chinese culture, language and how we can understand, and even see it, it with modern biomedical science. 

Part 2: Understanding The Acupuncture Channels

The Acupuncture channels (what the Chinese call the Jing-Luo system) are simply the connective tissue network system of the body.

This system is mainly built from collagen, the most common protein in the body, and is mainly ignored by Western medicine. When we start to understand how to see this system the world of Chinese acupuncture channels comes into perfect focus.

Part 3: Tutorial

In this first tutorial students would be introduced to basic point location and palpation, acupuncture channel palpation and needling techniques. Class size is limited to no more than four students. Students would learn and practice palpation and then try needling themselves under supervision. There would be a discussion on the video lectures and future learning.